Acquisition [ak-wuh-zish-uh n] 


1. the act of acquiring or gaining possession

2. the purchase of one business enterprise by another

Through our relationship with LPL Financial, FAN can help you accelerate the growth of your business by sourcing, constructing and funding mergers and acquisitions. Our extensive experience in this area is valuable as we guide you through the due-diligence and negotiating process to help you avoid potential pitfalls. Our acquisition services include:

Deal structuring: We consult with you on the best deal structure to fit your goals, illustrate the various types of deals available and provide sample agreements. We also provide financial modeling and business valuations related to deal structures.

Matching buyers and sellers: We help you identify and engage with prospective deal partners by utilizing relevant information about potential buyers and sellers of practices or books of business.

If you’re an interested buyer, we help source sellers in your area or provide the names of potential sellers from a database of LPL-affiliated advisors starting with the geographic locations you choose. We then filter the list to best match your interests.

If you’re interested in selling your practice or want to sell a portion of your business, we assist you in finding the most suitable buyer. We help you achieve full value for your business, on your terms, while ensuring that client relationships are transferred smoothly.

Loan capital: Through our Acquisition Loan Program, we make it as simple as possible to secure a loan directly from LPL Financial at competitive rates. LPL considers each loan on an individual basis.