Track All of Your Clients’ Finances in One Location

WealthVision offers an aggregated, secure, comprehensive view of clients’ portfolios, tax and legal documents, and insurance coverage. This integrated, web-based wealth management system offers features and functionality that enables more complete planning and deeper servicing of client needs.

WealthVision is designed to give advisors a single access point to securely view:

FAN logo.JPGFinancial accounts

FAN logo.JPGSpecific goals

FAN logo.JPGTax and legal documents

FAN logo.JPGStrategic plans

FAN logo.JPGInsurance coverage



All client information is password protected in a secure, encrypted personal website, that is easily accessible. Keep up to date with powerful analysis tools that track changes in your clients’ assets based on:

FAN logo.JPGOverall asset allocation

FAN logo.JPGInsurance programs

FAN logo.JPGRetirement and cash-flow models

FAN logo.JPGFinancial and estate plans