Let’s Do the Math. Our Experience + Your Practice = A Plan Designed for Growth

No matter what stage of your career you are in, Financial Advocacy Network has the resources and support you need to propel your business forward. Each advisor we work with, whether a new advisor with no experience or an industry veteran with over 35 years of experience, brings his/her unique experiences and views, which strengthen our knowledge base. We appreciate the value in bringing advisors with all types of backgrounds and experience together to share their different perspectives and knowledge. 

We understand the various business models in our industry, and can clearly explain the advantages of partnering with us. Your needs as a financial advisor will come from your past experiences and your future goals. There is no one approach that fits for all advisors. You have the ability to create your own brand, leverage an existing brand or find a solution that might be a combination of the two. It is your decision to make and we will be there to support you. 

We’ve seen common threads in working with advisors from many different business models. We can assist each type of advisor in the following ways:  

  • specialist advisor (fee only or insurance only)
    • Provide product analysis to identify optimum product offerings
    • Leverage economies of scale with our established RIA or BGA
    • Identify opportunities for partnering or expansion
  • captive advisor (wirehouse or bank channels)
    • Create and implement business plan and business structure
    • Focus on fundamentals of being a business owner
    • Leverage platform solutions for a lower cost alternative
  • independent advisor
    • Review product offerings and evaluate opportunity for conversion to fees
    • Introduce our process of financial planning to increase value to client
    • Leverage GO technologies to increase operational efficiencies and reduce cost
    • Implement business planning to achieve optimal growth

Independence is the freedom and ability to manage your business and your clients the way you see fit. By learning from and collaborating with the FAN community, and taking advantage of our economies of scale, you can enhance your practice and the overall value of your business.

The choice is yours. 

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