The FAN Experience

The financial services landscape has significantly changed over the last two decades. We have seen the industry move from a traditional brokerage model to an emphasis on fiduciary services.  Today, compliance has taken a larger role in our industry and the headlines. Amidst all these changes, those who have not adapted have been left behind. By continuing to strengthen our compliance standards, and increasing the value-oriented services we offer, FAN is positioned to be at the forefront of industry change.  

The advisors who comprise our entrepreneurial community believe in putting clients first, and sharing knowledge and best practices in order to provide optimal value to their clients. 

Financial Advocacy Network is a full-service OSJ that offers a unique mix of service and value to the advisors who choose to collaborate with us, including:


Independent RIA and Asset Management

Through FAN’s independent RIA and access to over 100 professional money managers, you have significant choices to offer your clients. Our philosophy is based on the belief that every client deserves to have a comprehensive financial plan in place. If you’re looking to focus on asset management, we offer integrated technology resources, multiple clearing options, and advanced trading capabilities. We have an independent investment committee with research available for your use. If your focus is on relationship management, we have developed a system that helps you build strong relationships with clients—from the initial meeting and beyond.


Succession and Acquisition Planning

No matter what stage of maturity your practice is in, FAN can help you plan for the next phase of your business. We work with advisors along the spectrum of practice development, from rookies to seasoned professionals, and can address growth through acquisition or an exit strategy, depending on your needs. Businesses also need solid contingency plans, so we help our advisors put a plan in place to address unforeseen circumstances and ensure their families are taken care of.


Business Development and Advisor Coaching

FAN is in the business of helping financial advisors run their businesses like a business. We work with you to identify and capitalize on growth opportunities in the areas of your practice you want to enhance. Your dedicated business development coach will help you efficiently and successfully pursue your goals.

We put in the time and effort to work with you to effect change in your practice, and may even challenge your vision of the future. The proprietary tools, vast resources, and cooperative environment we offer demonstrate our dedication to your business growth.


Compliance and Supervision Support

The regulatory and compliance environment is ever-changing. Keeping up with your regulatory obligations can be daunting, but FAN is uniquely positioned to assist you in meeting those obligations, as well as with client services and administrative tasks. You choose the level of engagement that best fits your business.


Insurance Services

Through your partnership with FAN, you will have access to industry-leading insurance products and competitive payouts, along with case specialists. You will also have a choice to utilize the scale of our BGA or leverage existing relationships that you have already established. 


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